Human rights and disability :

Human rights and disability : interdisciplinary perspectives / John-Stewart Gordon, Johann-Christian Põder and Holger Burckhart [editors]. - xiv, 182 pages ; 26 cm

Includes bibliographical references (pages 175-176) and index.

General introduction: human rights and disability - interdisciplinary perspective Human rights and disability: different voices Remarks on a disability-conscious bioethics Theology, disability and human rights: difficult past, promising future Human development and inclusion Grounding disability and human rights with the capabilities approach Human rights and persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities: an elusive but emerging paradigm On human rights and human duties: is there a moral obligation to inclusion? The right to inclusive education: practical implications in German schools Justice and legal protection Disability rights, legal and moral From manifesto to action: transforming the aspirations of disability human rights into accountable government action Human and civil models of rights: healthy and ill disabled and access to health care Agency and disability: a rights-based approach

9781472448231 (hbk) 9780367075675 (pbk)

People with disabilities--Civil rights.
People with disabilities--Legal status, laws, etc.
Human rights.

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