Universal human rights in theory and practice /

Donnelly, Jack.

Universal human rights in theory and practice / Jack Donnelly. - Third edition - x, 320 pages ; 23 cm

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Part I. Toward a theory of human rights 1. The concept of human rights 2. The universal declaration model 3. Economic rights and group rights 4. Equal concern and respect Part II. The universality and relativity of human rights 5. A brief history of human rights 6. The relative universality of human rights 7. Universality in a World of particularities Part III. Human rights and human dignity 8. Dignity : particularistic and universalistic conceptions in the West 9. Humanity, dignity, and politics in Confucian China 10. Humans and society in Hindu South Asia Part IV. Human rights and international action 11. International human rights regime 12. Human rights and foreign policy Part V. Contemporary Issues 13. Human rights, democracy, and development 14. The West and economic and social rights 15. Humanitarian intervention against genocide 16. Nondiscrimination for all : the case of sexual minorities

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Civil rights.
Human rights.
Cultural relativism.

JC 571 / D66 2013