The international journal of human rights.

The international journal of human rights. - volume 23 ; 25 cm. - 9 November 2019 23 .

Viewing international concepts through local eyes: activist understandings of human rights in Botswana and South African / Kristi Heather Kenyon The Ecuadorian legal framework and humanitarian immigration of Colombians in Cuenca: Where is the gap? / Erick Hernández Benítez and María-José Rivera Human rights protection in new generation’s free trade agreements of the European Union / Anna Micara Economic and social rights and truth commissions / Juan Carlos Ochoa-Sánchez Entitled, empowered or victims – an analysis of discourses on male and female circumcision, genital mutilation/cutting and genital cosmetic surgery / E. Katariina Paakkanen State immunity or State impunity in cases of violations of human rights recognised as jus cogens norms / Selman Özdan Conceptualising rehabilitation as reparation for torture survivors: a clinical perspective / Nimisha Patel


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