Human rights education in Asia-Pacific : Volume Nine

Human rights education in Asia-Pacific : Volume Nine - 310 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm - 9 .

I - Sectoral Education Indigenous Peoples and Culture: Orang Rimba’s Education Butet Manurung I - Sectoral Education Empowering Art
Cecille Pauline Sanglap Montenegro (Yllang) I - Sectoral Education Jogja’s Community Theater for Radical Change for the Difabled Irfan Kortschak I - Sectoral Education Attaining Justice for Women and Girls in Islamic Countries
Irum Ahsan and Maria Cecilia T. Sicangco I - Sectoral Education Pakistan’s Prison Paralegal Program Haya Zahid and Shahzaman Panhawar
I - Sectoral Education Legal Empowerment Approach through Community Paralegal Project Khalid Hussain
I - Sectoral Education Business and Human Rights Education in Myanmar: The First Five Years of Myanmar Centre for Responsible Business Vicky Bowman and Donne Guest I - Sectoral Education National Institution for Human Rights in the Kingdom of Bahrain: Human Rights Education Program National Institution for Human Rights
II - Formal Education SUHAKAM: Education, Promotion and Publicity SUHAKAM II - Formal Education Developing Networks of Human Rights Teaching Universities in the Asia-Pacific: The Establishment of SEAHRN and AUN-HRE Mike Hayes III - Surveys and Research Rethinking ESD from the View of an Ainu Fisherman Fumiko Noguchi
III - Surveys and Research Human Rights Education at the Digital/Global Age Akihiko Morita
Moral Education as Special Subject in Public Schools – Implications for Human Rights Education
Osaka Prefectural Teachers Union III - Surveys and Research Human Rights, Culture and Education Jefferson R. Plantilla III - Surveys and Research From Pity to Compassion

Yuka Kitayama and Yoriko Hashizaki

Human rights--Study and teaching--Asia Pacific

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