Philippine Law Journal.

Philippine Law Journal. University of the Philippines College of Law. - volumes, 271 pages ; online resource - August 2020 volume 93 00317721 .

Foreword : The post-COVID world where law and economics meet / Stella Luz A. Quimbo. Labor issues in the time of COVID-19: from ECQ, MECQ, to GCQ, and back again / Anna Maria D. Abad. The executive & local governments versus COVID 19: a cycle of blame and burden / Kent Almadro Alonzo. Philippine human rights in the time of pandemic: analyzing the challenges to the effectiveness of the Commission on Human Rights as an NHRI in the midst of COVID -19 / Mario C. Cerilles, Jr. (Un)Fortuitous event: the COVID-19 pandemic as a fortuitous event / Czar Matthew Gerard Dayday & Amer Madcasim, Jr. Competition and government response to the COVID-19 pandemic / Gwen Grecia-De Vera, Jolina Pauline Tuazon Eraña, Raizza Dawn Angeli C. David & Johanne Daniel M. Negre. The demand and supply of humanity : on the legality and justification of adopting compulsory licensing measures for COVID-19 medicines / Julia Therese D. Pineda. A pandemic of misinformation: legal issues concerning intermediary liability in the COVID-19 era / Shiela Marie L. Rabaya. Of baseless arrests and COVID-19 : a tale of two pandemics / Juli Ann Rosette M. Sibi. Protecting rights while protecting lives : permissible derogations of human rights in the COVID-19 pandemic Philippine state of emergency / Anton Miguel A. Sison. Tipping point: will the pandemic mainstream online learning in Philippine legal education? / Justin D.J. Sucgang. A framework for analyzing the legality of COVID-19 emergency measures / Paolo S. Tamase. Life and death sentence: a case for the accelerated decongestion of prisons and jails in the Philippines in light of COVID-19 / Nicole Beatriz Y. Veloso. Fake news in the time of the pandemic / Paulo Romeo J. Yusi.

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K16 P45 / v. 93