Handbook of indigenous peoples rights /

Handbook of indigenous peoples rights / edited by Corinne Lennox and Damien Short. - xx, 476 pages ; 25 cm

Introduction / Corinne Lennox and Damien Short -- Part 1: Indigeneity -- Philosophical Justifications for Indigenous Rights / Paul Patton -- Beyond Black and White: Essentialism, Hybridity and Indigeneity / Yin Paradis -- Indigenous Membership and Human Rights / Kirsty Gover -- Part 2: Rights and Governance -- The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples / Marco Odello -- Development Projects and Indigenous Peoples' Lands / Mauro Barelli -- Exploring Indigenous Self-Government and Forms of Autonomy / Alexandra Tomaselli -- Reparations for Indigenous Peoples in Canada, New Zealand and Australia / Andrew Erueti -- The Long Reach of Frontier Justice / Liz Cassell and Colin Samson -- Part 3: Indigenous Women's Rights -- Indigenous Women's Rights and International Law / Rauna Kuokkanen -- Human Rights and Indigenous Feminisms / Cheryl Suzack -- Part 4: Development and the Environment -- Living Well with the Earth / Deborah McGregor -- Mother Earth, Indigenous Peoples and Neo-liberal Climate Change Governance / Paul Havemann -- Indigenous Peoples and the Corporate Responsibility to Respect Human Rights / Corinne Lewis -- The Fetish Mechanism: a post dogmatic case study of the Atacama Desert Peoples / Alonso Barros -- Evolution of Indigenous Peoples' Rights and Indigenous Knowledge Debate / Rebecca C. Fan -- Part 5: Mobilization for Indigenous Peoples' Rights -- Indigenous Mobilization and Activism in the UN System / Sheryl Lightfoot -- Indigenous Mobilisation and Activism: The San, the Botswana State, and the International Community / Maria Sapignoli -- Part 6: Justice and Reparations -- The Indian Specific Claims Commission as a Mechanism of Transitional Justice in Canada / Jane Dickson -- Reconciliation, Reparations and Rights: Indigenous Australians and the Stolen Generations / Andrew Gunstone -- Part 7: International Monitoring and Mechanisms for Indigenous Peoples' Rights -- From Outsiders to Centre Stage: Three decades of Indigenous Peoples' Presence at the United Nations / Julian Burger -- The United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples / Rodolfo Stavenhagen -- Indigenous and Tribal Peoples' Culture and Work under the ILO / Lee Swepston -- From Theory to Practice: Holistic Strategies for Effective Advocacy / Cynthia Morel -- Part 8: Regional Case Studies -- International Human rights Standards and Indigenous Peoples' Land and Human Rights in Asia / Raja Devashish Roy -- The Struggle for Protection of Indigenous Peoples' Rights in Africa / George Mukundi Wachira and Tuuli Karjala -- Indigenous Peoples' Rights and the Law in Latin America / Rachel Sieder -- Indigenous Self-determination in the Nordic Countries: The Sami, and the Inuit of Greenland / Peter Johansson.

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United Nations. General Assembly.

Indigenous peoples--Civil rights.
Indigenous peoples--Legal status, laws, etc.
Human rights.

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