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Issue 21.2 features: Special Section: Abortion in the Middle East and North Africa, Special Section: Abortion Law Reform, Special Section: Human Rights for Health across the United Nations, General Papers

EDITORIAL The Limits of the Law: Abortion in the Middle East and North Africa / The Politicization of Abortion and Hippocratic Disobedience in Islamist Sudan / Moral Work and the Construction of Abortion Networks: Women’s Access to Safe Abortion in Lebanon / Non-marital Pregnancies and Unmarried Women’s Search for Illegal Abortion in Morocco / The Unique Landscape of Abortion Law and Access in the Occupied Palestinian Territories / Neoliberal Health Restructuring, Neoconservatism and the Limits of Law: Erosion of Reproductive Rights in Turkey / The Right to Abortion in Tunisia after the Revolution of 2011: Legal, Medical, and Social Arrangements as Seen through Seven Abortion Stories / EDITORIAL Progress towards Decriminalization of Abortion and Universal Access to Safe Abortions: National Trends and Strategies / Eliminating Abortion from Criminal Law: A Just Cause / The Role of Reproductive Justice Movements in Challenging South Korea’s Abortion Ban / From the Grassroots to the Oireachtas: Abortion Law Reform in the Republic of Ireland / Abortion in Chile: The Long Road to Legalization and its Slow Implementation / Rights-based Claims Made by UK Antiabortion Activists / Midwives and Post-abortion Care in Gabon: “Things have really changed” / They Are Girls, Not Mothers: The Violence of Forcing Motherhood on Young Girls in Latin America / The Gambia’s Political Transition to Democracy: Is Abortion Reform Possible? / Preventing State Harassment of Abortion Providers: The Work of the Legal Support Network in Latin America and East Africa / Denial of Safe Abortion to Survivors of Rape in India / EDITORIAL Human Rights for Health across the United Nations / Health and Human Rights’ Past: Patinating Law’s Contribution / The Right(s) Road to Universal Health Coverage / PERSPECTIVE Universal Health Coverage: Are We Losing Our Way on Women’s and Children’s Health? / UHC2030’s Contributions to Global Health Governance that Advance the Right to Health Care: A Preliminary Assessment / The Challenge of Interdisciplinarity in Operationalizing the Right to Health / The Universal Periodic Review: A Valuable New Procedure for the Right to Health? / EDITORIAL 25 Years: Exploring the Health and Human Rights Journey / Have Reforms Reconciled Health Rights Litigation and Priority Setting in Costa Rica? / “Hay que tener suerte”: Gender-based Violence Service Provision in Quito, Ecuador / Evaluating the Impact of Student-run Asylum Clinics in the US from 2016–2018 / Respect, Protect, and Fulfill—or Reject, Neglect, and Regress? Children’s Rights in the Time of the Russian “Gay Propaganda Law” / Irene Maffi and Liv Tønnessen -- Liv Tønnessen and Samia al-Nagar -- Zeina Fathallah -- Irene Capelli -- Sarrah Shahawy -- Ayse Dayi -- Irene Maffi and Malika Affes -- Marge Berer and Lesley Hoggart -- Ana Cristina González-Vélez, Carolina Melo-Arévalo, and Juliana Martínez-Londoño -- Sunhye Kim, Na Young, and Yurim Lee -- Anna Carnegie and Rachel Roth -- Gloria Maira, Lidia Casas, and Lieta Vivaldi -- Pam Lowe and Sarah-Jane Page -- Aimée Patricia Ndembi Ndembi, Justine Mekuí, Gail Pheterson, and Marijke Alblas -- Ximena Casas -- Satang Nabaneh -- Ximena Casas, Mitchelle Kimathi-Osiemo, Dee Redwine, Claire Tebbets, Karen Plafker -- Padma Bhate-Deosthali and Sangeeta Rege -- Benjamin Mason Meier and Lawrence O. Gostin -- Thérèse Murphy -- Helena Nygren-Krug -- Flavia Bustreo and Curtis Doebbler -- Rachel Hammonds, Gorik Ooms, Moses Mulumba, and Allan Maleche -- Gillian MacNaughton and Mariah McGill -- Judith Bueno de Mesquita -- Carmel Williams, Joseph J. Amon, Mary T. Bassett, Ana V. Diez Roux, and Paul E. Farmer -- Alessandro Luciano and Alex Voorhoeve -- Chiara Sabina and Diego Pérez Figueroa -- Madison B. Sharp, Andrew R. Milewski, Claire Lamneck, and Katherine McKenzie -- Caroline H. Voyles and Mariana Chilton.


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