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Health and human rights journal. - online resource - 1 June 2020 22 21504113 .

Issue 22.1 features: Special Section: Mental Health and Human Rights, General Papers, Viewpoints, Virtual Roundtable

EDITORIAL Reimagining the Mental Health Paradigm for our Collective Well-Being / Human Rights and the Confinement of People Living with Dementia in Care Homes / Adherence to the Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities in Czech Psychiatric Hospitals: A Nationwide Evaluation Study / Addressing the Problem of Severe Underinvestment in Mental Health and Well-Being from a Human Rights Perspective / Human Rights, Stigma, and Substance Use / Mental Health as a Basic Human Right and the Interference of Commercialized Science / PERSPECTIVE WHO’s QualityRights Initiative: Transforming Services and Promoting Rights in Mental Health / Arctic Suicide, Social Medicine, and the Purview of Care in Global Mental Health / Exploring the Potential of a Rights-Based Approach to Work and Social Inclusion for People with Lived Experience of Mental Illness in Ghana / Crisis Response as a Human Rights Flashpoint: Critical Elements of Community Support for Individuals Experiencing Significant Emotional Distress / A Human Rights-Based Approach to Psychiatry: Is it Possible? / Reconceptualizing Psychosis: The Hearing Voices Movement and Social Approaches to Health / PERSPECTIVE Traditional Healing Practices Involving Psychoactive Plants and the Global Mental Health Agenda: Opportunities, Pitfalls, and Challenges in the “Right to Science” Framework / The Implementation of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities: More Than Just Another Reform of Psychiatry / A Key, Not a Straitjacket: The Case for Interim Mental Health Legislation Pending Complete Prohibition of Coercion in Accordance with the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities / The Great March of Return: Lessons from Gaza on Mass Resistance and Mental Health / Understanding US Immigration Detention: Reaffirming Rights and Addressing Social-Structural Determinants of Health / Global Health in the Age of COVID-19: Responsive Health Systems Through a Right to Health Fund / The Waitangi Tribunal’s WAI 2575 Report: Implications for Decolonizing Health Systems / Right-to-Medicines Litigation and Universal Health Coverage: Institutional Determinants of the Judicialization of Health in Brazil / A Constructivist Vision of the First-Trimester Abortion Experience / Operationalizing a Human Rights-Based Approach to Address Mistreatment against Women during Childbirth / The Neglect of Persons with Severe Brain Injury in the United States: An International Human Rights Analysis / Beyond the Pragmatic Definition? The Right to Non-discrimination of Persons with Disabilities in the Context of Coercive Interventions / Safer Viewing: A Study of Secondary Trauma Mitigation Techniques in Open Source Investigations / Tuberculosis Care in Mexico’s Chiapas Highlands Region: A Right to Health Analysis / PERSPECTIVE Sleep Deprivation of Detained Children: Another Reason to End Child Detention / BOOK REVIEW Why Prosecution Is Not the Go-To Tool to Secure Human Rights / Reflections on 25 Years of Health and Human Rights: History, Context, and the Need for Strategic Action / The Right to Health: Then, Now and a Call to Arms / Health and Human Rights at a Crossroads / War, Political Conflict, and the Right to Health / The Maturing Right to Health: Deeper, Broader and More Complex but Still Unequal / A Letter to Young and Future Leaders in Struggles for Health Rights and Social Justice / Challenges in Promoting the Interdependence of all Human Rights / What Does it Mean to Adopt a Human Rights-Based Approach to Drug Policy? / Impunity: Undermining the Health and Human Rights Consensus / How Can We Overcome the Great Procrastination to Respond to the Climate Emergency? / COVID-19 and Detention: Respecting Human Rights / Lessons from HIV to Guide COVID-19 Responses in the Central African Republic / The Evolution of the Right to Health in the Shadow of COVID-19 / Anti-Roma Racism is Spiraling during COVID-19 Pandemic / COVID-19 Economy vs Human Rights: A Misleading Dichotomy / Applying Siracusa: A Call for a General Comment on Public Health Emergencies / Upholding Rights Under COVID-19: The Respectful Maternity Care Charter / Public Money Creation to Maintain Fundamental Human Rights during the COVID-19 Pandemic / A Virtual Roundtable on COVID-19 and Human Rights with Human Rights Watch Researchers / Audrey Chapman, Carmel Williams, Julie Hannah, and Dainius Pūras -- Linda Steele, Ray Carr, Kate Swaffer, Lyn Phillipson, and Richard Fleming -- Petr Winkler, Lucie Kondrátová, Anna Kagstrom, Matěj Kučera, Tereza Palánová, Marie Salomonová, Petr Šturma, Zbyněk Roboch, and Melita Murko -- Faraaz Mahomed -- Jenifer Wogen and Maria Teresa Restrepo -- Lisa Cosgrove and Allen F. Shaughnessy -- Michelle Funk and Natalie Drew Bold -- Lucas Trout and Lisa Wexler -- Ursula M. Read, Lionel Sakyi, and Wendy Abbey -- Peter Stastny, Anne M. Lovell, Julie Hannah, Daniel Goulart, Alberto Vasquez, Seana O’Callaghan, and Dainius Pūras -- Emma Broberg, Agneta Persson, Anna Jacobson, and Anna-Karin Engqvist -- Rory Neirin Higgs -- José Carlos Bouso and Constanza Sánchez Avilés -- Jasna Russo and Stephanie Wooley -- Laura Davidson -- Bram Wispelwey and Yasser Abu Jamei -- Altaf Saadi, Maria-Elena De Trinidad Young, Caitlin Patler, Jeremias Leonel Estrada, and Homer Venters -- Eric A. Friedman, Lawrence O. Gostin, Allan Maleche, et al. -- Heather Came, Dominic O’Sullivan, Jacquie Kidd, and Timothy McCreanor -- Mariana P. Socal, Joseph J. Amon, and João Biehl -- Sam Rowlands and Jeffrey Wale -- Christina Zampas, Avni Amin, Lucinda O’Hanlon, Alisha Bjerregaard, Hedieh Mehrtash, Rajat Khosla, and Ӧzge Tunçalp -- Tamar Ezer, Megan S. Wright, and Joseph J. Fins -- Sándor Gurbai -- Elise Baker, Eric Stover, Rohini Haar, Andrea Lampros, and Alexa Koenig -- Andrea Pérez-Molina, Héctor Javier Sánchez-Pérez, Maritel Yanes-Pérez, and Marcos Arana-Cedeño -- Katherine R. Peeler, Kathryn Hampton, Justin Lucero, and Roya Ijadi-Maghsoodi -- Marge Berer -- Sofia Gruskin -- Audrey R. Chapman Rajat Khosla -- Leonard Rubenstein -- Gillian MacNaughton -- Alicia Ely Yamin -- Dainius Pūras -- Damon Barrett, Julie Hannah, and Rick Lines -- Chris Beyrer -- Rachel Hammonds -- Joseph J. Amon -- Pierre Somse and Patrick M. Eba -- Lisa Forman -- Margareta Matache and Jacqueline Bhabha -- Juan Pablo Bohoslavsky -- Nina Sun -- R. Rima Jolivet, Charlotte E Warren, Pooja Sripad, Elena Ateva, Jewel Gausman, Kate Mitchell, Hagar Palgi Hacker, Emma Sacks, and Ana Langer -- Takondwa Chimowa, Stephen Hall, and Bernadette O’Hare -- Joseph J. Amon and Margaret Wurth.


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