Philippine Law Journal.

Philippine Law Journal. University of the Philippines College of Law. - volumes, 273 pages ; 26 cm - March 2022 volume 95 (1) 00317721 .

The Modern bill of attainder clause: punishment and deprivation beyond criminal legislation and proceedings / Florian Kim Dayag Force of budget law: preserving the integrity of the General Appropriation Act / Tanya Renee F. Rosales A Proposed approach to streamline: the imposition of interest in tax refund cases / Jonas Miguelito P. Cruz Untethering the widow(er): the case against Article 874 of the Civil Code / Paulo Romeo Yusi Ghost redistricting past: revisiting Aquino III V. COMELEC and recontextualizing its doctrinal application in future legislative appointments / Paul Nathan Beira Control Problems: "Passive" competitive investments and standard of control under the Philippine Competition Act / Jose Patricio Medalla

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K 16 P45 / 2022 v. 95 (1)