Philippine Law Journal.

Philippine Law Journal. University of the Philippines College of Law. - volumes, various paging: 26 cm - December 2022 volume 95 (4) 00317721 .

Thucydides at sea: Chinese perspectives on international law and the south China sea dispute in an evolving international order/ Sandra M.T. Magalang A Conceptual framework for understanding liberty as an enforceable right for persons deprived of liberty / Kent Almadro Alonzo Implicated rights and neglected duties in the public attorney's office improper invocation of conflict on interest for indigent litigants / Jeo Angelo Elamparo A Separate peace: mapping out the limitations of regional autonomy through the Bangsamoro Parliament System / Enrico Miguel dela Rama Dizon Right to vote vs. right to hold public office: an analysis of substitution and replacements in public office using the ethical modality of constitutional interpretation / Bernice Marie Violago

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K 16 P45 / 2022 v. 95 (4)