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020 _a02750392
050 _aJC 571 H86
_b2020 v.42 (3)
245 _aHuman rights quarterly :
_ba comparative and international journal of the social sciences, humanities, and law
264 _aMaryland, USA :
_bJohn Hopkins University,
336 _2text
337 _2unmediated
338 _2volume
440 _aHuman Rights Quarterly
_pAugust 2020
505 0 _tOn torture: the case of the "hooded men" /
_rKathleen Cavanaugh --
_tThe imperative to narrate: personal storytelling and LGBT norm translation in China /
_rXiaoyu Lu --
_tSpeculative human rights: artificial intelligence and the future of the human /
_rJames Dawes --
_tJoining forces: national war crimes units and the pursuit of international justice /
_rElise Baker, Lara Hakki, Julia Jacovides, Kristina Steinmetz, Eric Stover, Victoria Tang, Fabian Unser-Nad --
_tFrom redress to prevention: how the international politics of "no safe haven" became the politics of "not in my backyard" /
_rRebecca Hamlin, Jamie Rowen --
_tOnce upon a time, a human rights ally: the state and its bureaucracy in right-wing populist Brazil /
_rMichelle Morais De Sá E Silva --
_tGenocidal rape in South Sudan: organization, function, and effects /
_rClémence Pinaud --
_tAvoiding the terrorist trap: why respect for human rights is the key to defeating terrorism by Tom Parker (review) /
_rWilliam j. Aceves --
_tJoyful human rights by William Paul Simmons (review) /
_rTodd Landman --
_tWhen misfortune becomes injustice: evolving human rights struggles for health and social equality by Alicia Ely Yamin (review) /
_rKatharine G. Young --
_tMigrant crossings: witnessing human trafficking in the U.S. By Annie Isabel Fukushima (review) /
_rVerjine Adanalian --
_tP.C. Chang and the universal declaration of human rights by Hans Ingvar Roth (review) /
_rFrédéric Krumbein --
_tThe prior consultation of indigenous peoples in Latin America: inside the implementation gap ed. by Claire Wright & Alexandra Tomaselli (review) /
_rJessika Eichler.
650 _aHuman rights
856 _uhttps://muse.jhu.edu/issue/42690
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